November 13, 2016

Bandsaw Project: Business Card Holder

We had first table at craft show this past weekend in downtown Mesa, AZ.  We knew that we needed several things for the table, among them a business card holder.  Rather than buy one (or two), we (being crafty such as we are) decided to make them instead.

This was a very simple project using the ShopSmith bandsaw, but it was a lot of fun, as Samantha (Crafty) was actually out in the shop with me, even though power tools were running.  I had a lot fun showing her some the basics of the bandsaw, and even got her to give it try!  Fun fact, she enjoyed it!  So, there might be more bandsaw projects in the future made by her!

Not much of a write up necessary for this video, as it's all pretty simple, but below is the video of the process we used for making these fun, rustic business card holders. 

Since I had everything set up, and we had a nice piece of wood to work from, I also cut some wooden disks to use as price tags for the table.

Could double as a small coaster

The price is puzzling...

How much is this puzzle?!
The show itself turned out to be pretty successful, so there will be several new projects with videos soon.  This first outing was mostly jewelry, soaps, and lotions, with some fiber crafts, but I think some wood articles will do well.  I'll find out next month!


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